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  Head south on Route 40, at the Goral Junction take a left to the Be'er-Sheva bypass road until you reach the Telalim Junction, from there continue south on Route 211 heading towards the Nitzana Border Crossing.
It takes approximately one hour to reach Nitzana from Be'er Sheva.
Nitzana belongs to the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council and is located just after the settlement of Kmehin and just prior to Kadesh Barnea (Nitzan Sinai).
Other settlements that are nearby include Be'er Milka and Ezuz. Good to know: Before Telalim Junction, there's the last gas station until Be'er Milka. We recommended filling up gas over there, if necessary
Recommendation: To get in to the desert mode hear this song
Desert's Fantasy Zimmer, Zimmer in the Negev, Be'er Milka
פייסבוק פנטזיה במדבר פנטזיה במדבר עברית פנטזיה במדבר אנגלית