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Be'er Milka (Hebrew: בְּאֵר מִלְכָּה‎‎) is a moshav (Israeli settlement) in southern Israel.
The moshav Be'er Milka established in 2006. The moshav is 75 km to Be'er Sheva with a population of 100 families.

In Be'er Milka located "Desert's Fantasy", two Zimmers (guest-rooms) for hosting.
The Zimmers are very delightful and accessorized. "Desert's Fantasy" offers high standards of quality services. Each Zimmer has comfortable, Queen Size bed, sitting area and Jacuzzi. Also there's accessorized kitchen with microwave, medium refrigerator and Coffee area.
Each Zimmer has T.V and cable, AC and porch. Each porch has a beautiful, relaxing desert view. The place offers variety, rich homemade Israeli style breakfast. Also offers snack and beverages. "Desert's Fantasy" is a perfect option for outdoor activities as hiking, biking, organized tours to beautiful places in the area. Don't hesitate to ask for more information.
If you like the desert atmosphere or you want to experience it. This is the right place, for your vacation.
Desert's Fantasy Zimmer, Zimmer in the Negev, Be'er Milka
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